Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello Carolina

        First I'd like to point out to those that follow my blog I am making some changes. Although my passion for Men's College Basketball will not waver I decided to "Let it rip, Skip" as my one friend says here in South Carolina and will cover various topics in the world of sports. I don't think, yet, that I should limit my commentary to Men's College Basketball.
        Going forward I will also add that I have now moved to Clover, South Carolina. I'm right on the border of North and South Carolina about a twenty minute drive west of Charlotte, North Carolina. Needless to say some culture shock being from New Jersey however living in such places as Ogden, Utah and Denver, Colorado has seasoned me for success south of the mason-dixon line.  Excited.
        People like the Panthers and they are amped up especially since Carolina will be hosting a playoff game in 2 weeks. People like the Hornets maybe not so much the Bobcats, point being the unveiling of the new Charlotte Hornets logo has restored a sense of validation in this basketball state after the Hornets left Charlotte a decade ago. Billboards around the city and a positive marketing campaign I have noticed since the unveiling, not to mention the logo isn't that bad. The bobcats should be called the AAU's. Perhaps I am dating myself but when I look at the roster I think this looks like a solid AAU squad.
       Onto South Carolina Football and I'm not talking Clemson. The Gamecocks finished up their 3rd consecutive 11 win season by defeating the Badgers in the Capital One Bowl. Connor Shaw had a video game like performance throwing 22 of 25(Phil Simms anyone) for 325/3 TD's, 47 yards rushing 1TD and the only catch of his career for a TD. Pretty insane and the ol' ball coach couldn't seem happier. Love the Visor but I love this cancelled Steve Spurrier Show clip more.
       Seamless segway as you noticed during the start of the previous clip Carolina playing the University of Central Florida, formally Florida Technical Institute as a former student in fact told me today. Under Construction Forever is what I also heard but it didn't seem to matter what you called them last night against Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. Bortles, Storm and Coach Res took it straight to the elusive Baylor defense. I couldn't have been happier. I don't know what it is about Baylor and Oregon but I especially like it when they lose. It's almost as if I enjoy watching them lose than the other team winning but I digress. UCF straight punched the Bears in the mouth and I think that Bortles kid is going to be good on Sundays.
       Big game Bob showed up in Nawlins tonight in the Sugar Bowl. The empty Nets won at the buzzer tonight in OKC and the bobs have lost a season high 5th game in a row losing to Damian Lillard(Weber State) and the Blazers 134-104. Throttled is more like it. Throttled is a great word to describe this one as the Blazers hit 21 trisectors in rip city.
       Utah, terrible job protecting home floor losing to Oregon and the laughable "fighting" ducks in overtime. Weber State opened with a win in Big Sky play beating EWU 74-67 at the Dee. I'm sorry but Washington State, you guys hanging in Denver lately? Did you know there was a game tonight? I know Arizona is Arizona but ya gotta be kidding me tonight. I am upset with how the Utes lost but 25 points in 40 minutes of D1 basketball. Wow.

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