Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stainbrook, Wragge, and Polls

       As a college basketball fan there are players that I tune in just to watch. Chris Webber, Hakim Warrick, Kevin Freeman, Mike Miller, Dan Dickau, Tim Winn, Marvin O'Connor to name a few. No disrespect to Keith Van Horn and Gerry McNamara but I could go on forever. College basketball fascinates me all the time and with the ability to watch an incredible amount of games I really do get lost in the shuffle. So I tuned in to watch Xavier play at DePaul yesterday and off the opening tip I see this clumsy #40 for Xavier hustle. It was really funny. He hustled down the floor for a bucket fell over and while hustling to get back on d after the make, fall back on the floor. Who is this guy? He's the 6-10 junior center for the Xavier Musketeers. A transfer from Western Michigan who plays basketball the way I like to see. I can't put my finger on why but Stainbrook is so much fun to watch. Sort of like "coach on the floor" mixed with Andrew DeClercq. In any case his presence really compliments Xavier's perimeter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6JwKHgDM4c (this clip courtesy of the always classy Utah State fans at the spectrum). If hustle were a requirement to play, Stainbrook is fun to watch.
       Unfortunately I was unable to catch last nights Creighton Villanova matchup. I guess Villanova missed the game too or at least the scouting report. Easy for me to say but when you make shots, you win and Creighton was the prime example in philly. This is what scares me about Creighton along with St. Louis for that matter. With Creighton, McDermott commands so much attention that it allows others to get involved. When those second and third options get hot for Creighton they look unbeatable as was the case last night. And not a knock on Villanova. Perhaps a knock on their #4 ranking and not defending home. Wragge just went absurd from beyond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSjY0EPpX88 Creighton as a team hit 21 treys in the huge win for the Bluejays.
       Which brings me to the polls. Gary Parrish does a tremendous job explaining polls and I read most of his stuff. http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/24408570/poll-attacks-theres-an-ap-voter-who-has-no-idea-memphis-won-at-louisville
(I recommend reading his latest article about Pitt.)As was the case last night, was Nova really #4? Look at Ohio State. Look at Iowa State. Look at Oregon, who is now cellar dwelling with the Trojans and Cougs in the Pac12 after being ranked as high as #10. I like polls just as much as the next guy but to me it's a bit overrated, especially when conference play starts. As for Seton Hall's win at Georgetown good for them but I can't be too surprised with the underwhelming Hoyas. Guilty.
       Vermont wins again but isn't this Stony Brook's year in the America East? Same can be said about Weber State. The wildcats back to where they should be, above .500. Very interesting to watch Gamecocks basketball. They lost a tough one at home to Ole Miss(Hendo back!) but in typical Frank Martin fashion saw him yell at Chatkevicius after a non-hustle play. Martin in the 6-11's grill goes "you're a f---ing bum!", to which the play by play guy goes, "well, Coach isn't bashful and the players know where he stands." Yuck, yuck, yuck. I'd be impressed if the cocks win 4 games in the SEC. After waxing poetic about Herenda's FDU knights they go ahead with the huge hangover loss at home to Bryant 95-68. Florida Gulf Coast looking good. Looking real good.

Here's a promo for Lumberjack night at Creighton:

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