Friday, January 24, 2014

Arid-Zona?, Khem-Kong!!!

       Arizona is the real deal. As noted before, their backcourt is the best in the country. Although I do think Wichita State is quite comparable. Arizona's bigs are legit and by legit they are college legit. The comparison to players in the league are not only boring but nauseating. The NBA surely does not get the respect it deserves. NBA legit? Ask Greg Oden or Joel Embiid but still, Arizona did take care of business last night at home against the Buffs.  The problem for Arizona as with most talent rich teams is when the night comes that the ball doesn't drop, how will they react? It's sick but I am waiting for that game. For fans of Tucson, obviously you dread the night. Memphis and Syracuse have as much raw talent one through five as Arizona. I've seen Memphis react poorly when the shots don't fall. For Syracuse and Arizona, I'm anxious to see how they will respond. It's inevitable, isn't it? At least Dave Pasch and Bill Walton were calling the game last night. Here is a clip that had me laugh out loud when watching it live and thanks to youtube: Bill Walton is sarcastic, get over it.
       The Aggies of Logan Utah arrived at Tarkanian court with a gaudy 42% 3pt percentage and Stew Morrill. I know some things about Stew. He wins. He is intense. Sidetrack, I had the unfortunate privilege to listen in on a post game tirade after Brad Barton hit a (bank) three at the buzzer for Weber State to beat the Aggies a few years ago. I compare that tirade to Majerus one in which Utah beat Weber by 11. Advantage, push. So the Aggies came into Thomas and Mack and got blown out by 20. Vegas loves to push and Stew's crew is half court obsessed. Needless to say Utah State couldn't throw it in, 2 for 17 from beyond. Stew always wins. The Aggies are in trouble Saturday when the Aztecs show up at the spectrum. Perhaps this will be the worst year for Stew in a LONG time. I was unaware of freshman Jalen Moore's afro. It is incredible. But not as incredible as Khem Kong!!!  Wait for it.......... Khem Kong should stay in Vegas AAAAAOOOOO
       How about Texas? Good for Rick. Solid wins and hopefully a good run come March. The Baylor crossing guards have dropped to 1-4 and their fashionable counterpart, the "fighting" ducks of Oregon  are at 1-5.  Perhaps if they toned down the contrast in the uniforms it would benefit. South Carolina continues to struggle but hey, Brenton Williams is leading the nation at 98% from the charity stripe. One wonders how the Golden Bears threw up an absolutely terrible performance at Galen. USC is not that good but Cal made them look decent. Gonzaga sneaked away a win last night to San Diego. You can throw Wisconsin into the mix of 3 game losers. Minnesota, still not buying. Guilty. Weber State protecting home floor once again drilling the Bobs of Bozeman, 86-57. A week ago I read some articles and listened to a podcast going on about how Montana State shouldn't surprise anyone in the Big Sky. Neither should Weber State. How about VCU? Personally I don't like their style  of play and their games bore me however the Rams are tough. They dominate and are so physical I wish they would play Cincinatti.
       LIU Brooklyn! Where you at? Brickman? Get it together blackbirds. That's what's best about this sport. It ain't march yet.

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