Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014

       This past Saturday I watched the St. Louis Billikens play at Dayton, a tough place to play. What I didn't realize was that they started 5 seniors. That is rarefied air in todays age of college basketball.  Aside from my affinity for Majerus, I could watch Jordair Jett play all day, there's such a confidence when he plays. That translates well for the Billikens. They wound up beating Dayton and won their A10 home opener last night. UMass is the other A10 top 25 ranked squad and am hopeful that they will meet in the A10 title game. Oklahoma defended home in their matchup with the Cyclones saturday. In my opinion Iowa State has far more talent than the Sooners but they were dreadful from 3pt territory. Similar to Memphis. See, Memphis and Iowa State have incredible talent yet when their 3pt. shooting goes south so do the victories. I'm sure other teams have this problem but when the 3 drops for the Tigers and Cyclones, it stretches the defense, which then allows them to operate at their maximum capabilities. By the way UConn defeating Memphis on the road maybe an upset to the polls but I have to disagree. This past saturday also marked the first time in years where UNC, Duke, Wake and NCState all lost on the same day. I figured UNC would give Syracuse a better fight up at the Carrier dome but didn't. Duke has no legit inside threat and their perimeter D is not good. However one would think that Roy and Coach K will have their squads good to go come tournament time. What a finish to the Kentucky Arkansas game at Bud Walton. If you haven't seen it, here is the link:  That is awesome. That is why, in my opinion, Division1 men's college basketball is the best team sport in America. Another buzzer beater courtesy of the Rockets from Toledo:
Somebody told me and I'm not mentioning names that Florida is having a down year in college basketball. OK. Xavier went down 17 to Georgetown and came back with a 40-14 run to beat the Hoyas at Cintas. Later on UNLV played at New Mexico. Quite similarly New Mexico came back but vegas came out with the victory. In either case San Diego State is the team to beat in the Mountain West.
       I guess Minnesota is to be reckoned with. I'm still not buying. Wisconsin got their loss out of the way. Dinwiddie's injury hurts Colorado so much and for obvious reasons. McConnell and Johnson have to be the best backcourt this side of Wichita State. Props to FDU Teaneck. Going on the road and absolutely handling the blackbirds of Brooklyn on the road. Greg Herenda has done well in state beating Rutgers and Seton Hall but if there was a signature win for the year, this has to be the one.  USC can't catch a cold and Long Beach State had another loss on the road in Santa Barbara. Charlotte needed overtime to beat Tulsa at home. Another win for Vermont. That's all they seem to do. Murray State won on the road but Belmont couldn't. Western Kentucky lost at home to UALR. BYU looks like the only team that will give Gonzaga a run at the WCC title. St. John's needs a win bad. Real bad. For most teams that are struggling right now if there is any positive to take from losing now, it's not march. Obviously you want to win now for better seedings come conference tournament time but you'd rather get hot late than pan out mid season.
Here's a tremendous  dunk courtesy of Glenn Bryant and Eastern Michigan: 

I'm looking forward to the Pitt Syracuse game saturday. Pitt, I feel is a bit overlooked. 

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