Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RU Kidding?

To me Rutgers athletics is similar to the Mets and Jets. Yawn city, the ultimate in where creativity lacks and let's be honest, what do you get after ripping these subjects? I thought I was over it but it was brought to my attention that I should take a stand on the recent Mike Rice Rutgers basketball incident. Ok here we go.

I don't think the Rutgers basketball job, big east or big ten, is a desirable job. It's been since 1993 since Rutgers made an NCAA appearance. I think. I don't really know because that's how irrelevant RU has been. The last good memory I have was the Billet kid going a little zany in the 99 big east tourney. Or was it 2000? Then the other Billet kid transfers to Virginia. I saw Rutgers lose to Vermont in 09 at the RAC, to which Vermont went to the NCAA's and Rosario(1st Rutgers McDonald's All American) transfers to Florida and Echinique transfers to Creighton. So, needless to say, bless the heart of the guy who one day makes Rutgers basketball relevant. I won't get into how the head job is tough but it's tough. I'll say this about Mike Rice, hey Mike camping is intense, how bout some decaf. In my opinion he's a classic case of when trying too hard goes wrong. Overcoaching 101. To me a detail oriented control freak and sets the example for coaches who claim, "they're really trying because they're under a lot of "pressure" ". Garbage, look at Enfield, a breath of fresh air and the complete opposite of overcooked rice. Granted, you can't fault trying but for an outside guy looking in it looked like forced trying which doesn't get you anywhere. But I think the coach signing up for the Rutgers job should know this going in. Pernetti, the AD, to me, despite making cash for the university, knowing the Imus incident, shouldn't get a pass. But hey, that's why I'm blogging and not doing what he does. I'll never understand Rutgers athletics. Still sour over the Weber State loss at the buzzer to East Carolina.

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