Saturday, January 4, 2014

Super Bowl Prediction Intact for another week

       Somehow my Super Bowl prediction remains intact. Last I heard, Colts were down 31-10. When I found out they won, I was incredibly excited. That meant I needed the Saints to win and they beat the Eagles on the last play of the game. Sweet. Somehow I think that the game in Green Bay later today will be cancelled due to the extreme cold. I'd be surprised if it's not. As a fleeting NFL fan I would find it hard pressed to think that the No Fun League would actually play in weather that is dangerous but I'd like to see them play. Still find it funny that San Fran plays that game away despite having the better record but I digress.
       Bobcats get a win at Sleep Train. Nets win again and as Chris "Maddog" Russo said fridee "if that win in OKC doesn't springboard Brooklyn to get going, nothing will". Good for them. St. John's looked horrible today. Maybe they need a bad loss? As bad a 1st half you could have and the Hoyas jumped all over them. Perhaps UConn needed a bad loss too. SMU on the road wouldn't strike me as tough for UConn but apparently it was. Memphis played a gritty Cincy team but Memphis couldn't hit a three pointer, 2 for 16 last time I looked. Xavier looked good, Marquette looked good and so did Creighton. McDermott really is fun to watch. Nice to see Weber State open up Big Sky play undefeated and the 49ers of Charlotte got a win. Always fun to watch Oklahoma State lose but it's more fun to watch them lose in football.
       Mike Gundy is my favorite coach to watch when he loses. I couldn't decide if the Oklahoma loss at home or the Cotton Bowl loss was better. I know this is sick. What makes me more sick is when I read the SI investigation of his program. Look I know Oklahoma State isn't the only program to mistreat their players however Gundy's actions on the sideline make it  more enjoyable. Perhaps it dates back to his playing days as pokes quarterback.  Perhaps Pickens will dig deeper to compete with Oklahoma but I have to say that the Sooners look better than the Cowboys. Time will tell. Another Coach I love to hate is Urb. In an absolutely sloppy Orange Bowl Clemson managed to dodge a bullet at the end to come away with the win. Urb losing two straight games, gasp, Urb take it easy! I say ditch the black stripes and black facemasks. But a visibly unhealthy Braxton Miller should be feared next season. The guy when healthy is pretty damn good. Kudos to the Bison of North Dakota State winning their 3rd straight FCS title earlier today. To think their coach left mid-playoffs to take over Wyoming and still win is pretty remarkable. Obviously North Dakota State won't be grabbing headlines but a tremendous job by the program. USC at Pauley tomorrow and hopefully Enfield and the Trojans play a good game. Looking forward to that one.

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