Friday, February 14, 2014

TMI and Poor Organization

       Today, I am overloaded with an abundance of information so this blog will have limited organization. I'm going to be link happy today. First off, whoever the writers are at College Hoopedia are simply the best. Check this entry out for Larry Brown: What a finish to the Syracuse game a few nights back via the buzzer beater. In this link you will see the buzzer beater of the layup variety: Have just caught on to GazettesSports. Very thorough and informative. Tough loss for Long Beach at home. A frustrated Craig Neal: He's right, New Mexico couldn't hit free throws which allowed Boise to get back in the game. Kudos to Boise, a much needed win. Speaking of free throws, I thought Seton Hall should have won the game last night had they knocked down one or two in certain situations. They were 11-18 from the stripe not terrible but wound up losing 68-67 to a very determined St. John's squad. Belmont, once again impressive winning last night. However I thought who would have a better game if they played each other. Chad Lang of Belmont: or Justin McBride of Central Florida: I would love it if the basketball gods somehow got this matchup together. Another win for Weber State. South Carolina wins their 2nd SEC game beating Vandy at home. Southern Cal losing only by 8 at home to the Utes. Creighton winning a close game at Butler but the more I hear about McDermott, he just really is that good. That and Butler isn't as good as recent years. Looking forward to Villanova playing at Creighton this Sunday. FGCU loses at ETSU. Raise the jolly roger, East Tennessee State is coming.

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