Thursday, February 6, 2014

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

       Boise State did it again. First it was the Runnin' Rebels, on the road. This time it was against the 5th ranked Aztecs at home. Both in the same week, the Broncos had given up a big lead in the second half and lost the game. Boise State had led by as many as 14 points in the second half and the Broncs took a 57-43 lead with 13:37 left. They were in command. Yet, the Aztecs, I thought were ranked #5 for a reason. They staged a fun comeback but the home fans at the Taco Bell Center seemed as if they were waiting for the collapse. Here's the video: Granted the Broncos did have a shot to win but if you could gauge "feeling", you just knew it wouldn't drop. Xavier Thames is a joy to watch and what a find to Polee for the late onions. Boise State blew an 11 point lead late four nights ago, albeit on the road. But this game felt and looked worse. I cannot doubt the resolve of Boise but these past two games will either propel them forward or take their season to the depths of despair. On the bright side credit the Boise State band for their varied array of tunes. Well not that varied but they seemed to be in a punk/ska mood. Welcome to paradise, zootsuit riot, the impression that I get, here in you bedroom, sellout, and hey ska were played in between timeouts and station breaks. But of course Goodman's sing, sing, sing  and my all time favorite from Bruce Channel "Hey Baby" were also played. Another reason why college sports, to me cannot be topped.
       Todd Mayo, from Marquette is very entertaining to watch play. 
       The idea that St.Joe's could compete for an at large bid after beating UMass at home had to have been ripped to shreds last night losing to St.Louis. If I had it my way, I'd take St.Louis into a 7 game series with any team in the country. 
       It's tough to say what conference is the "best" but the Big 12 has been a lot of fun to watch this year especially Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia. Obviously it's Kansas' league to lose and I wouldn't be true to form if I didn't point out that the crossing guards of Baylor are 2-7 in the league.
       Haven't even looked into it yet but I just noticed Nebraska-Omaha played Peru State. Wow. 
       Props to Loyola(MD) for handing American their first loss in conference play.
       With all the crap that is talked about refs and that's why this game was lost or won, especially in the Syracuse victory over Duke, I can not only say I am guilty of it but am really surprised that Purdue beat Minnesota last night.
       Oh, Virginia beat BC at home, cool. They should. In fact actually impressed they didn't let a hangover occur after beating Pitt on the road.
       How will Weber State come out after getting their 9th Big Sky victory ripped out of their heart?
       Arizona Oregon will be a fun game to watch later tonight. Oregon can go fly a kite but this game obviously has to be huge for them. But will Arizona approach the game with the same urgency?

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