Saturday, February 15, 2014


       Shaka Smart speaks about Marcus Smart incident and fan-player behavior: Pretty good interview if you ask me. NOT smart was Arizona State. Look, the Sun Devils did come away with the win in double overtime, however I'm trying to decide what was NOT the smartest moves performed by everyone ASU. Obviously hindsight is a forty and Bachynski's block on McConnell was awesome but Carson dunking leaving time on the clock when he could have ran it out. Not Smart. ASU fans storming the court with time left on the clock. Not Smart. Allowing an opportunity for the Wildcats to hit a game tying three with plenty of time to set up for a decent inbound defensive set. Not Smart. Look, don't get at me for getting at the ASU fans. Oregon assistant coaches were spat at last week at Wells Fargo. When I tuned into the game an ASU fan threw one of those large cardboard heads at Nick Johnson(UofA) while he was on the floor. And the premature rushing of the court. I get it but at the same time I don't. All I can say ASU fan, enjoy this one. You deserve it. (vid of premature court rush)
       BTW Harvard also escapes with a double OT W against Columbia.
       St. Louis will be tested at home playing host to VCU. Should be a good one and I would have planned to watch that but I'm heading west to South Carolina Upstate in a couple hours. The Spartans play host to Florida Gulf Coast. I'm sure the 878 will be rocking at Hodge.

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