Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enfield to USC-George Mason-Weber State

A little less than a month ago while starting Modblog I had the pleasure of watching the Atlantic Sun conference championship game. Florida Gulf Coast wound up winning and was fascinated with the program, especially the head coach. What an insane journey! Well, if you're a SoCal fan like me it just got better. Andy Enfield left Florida Gulf Coast to become the new head basketball coach at USC. That's a win win for me. Look, USC has a very limited basketball tradition(Al telling rambling wreck to go inside, beat Trojans at buzzer with 3 at Bradley Center/Losing to VCU in "First Four" game, VCU to Final Four/OJ Mayo) so they have nowhere to go but up. In fact I think it's house money. Alford to UCLA may be good but is just so typical. USC pulled the hottest coach to Troy and hopefully will build a basketball program. As far as it stands today, USC basketball will get better and as long as they beat the UCLA suits, Enfield is the best hire.

Failed to mention yesterday that George Mason has also had a successful post season run. Unlike the collegeinsider.com postseason tournament, the Patriots are playing the Santa Clara Broncos in the College Baskeball Invitational which is a 3 game series. Different format and not a bad one either. Mason lost last night in California but have the next game(game 3 if necessary) in Virginia. Wound up looping for Coach Hewitt(George Mason Head Coach) this past labor day. Good guy and am rooting for him and the Patriots. In fact Coach Hewitt was responsible for making sure Kerry Kittles didn't decommit from Villanova after Rollie and his staff were let go. Hewitt was an assistant with Lappas before heading to Georgia Tech and now George Mason. Also, George Mason will be switching conferences leaving the colonial to head to the Atlantic 10.

Friendly reminder that tonight Weber State Basketball plays host to the Pirates of East Carolina on CBS Sports Network tonight at 8 eastern. Weber State Weber State Great Great Great

10 year anniversary of the best regional semi and final performance I have ever seen. Courtesy of Bill and Raft of course!

Enjoy these clips



Best intro-2:10 Kiss-The Rest, AWESOME

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