Friday, March 21, 2014

Harvard, Fraschilla, and Wroblicky

       Second round action debuted yesterday and didn't disappoint. It marked the first time 4 overtime games were played in the same day. Insane action, questionable decisions, and Harvard. Harvard, of course hinders me again. I am zero for three with the Crimson. In 2012 had them beating Vanderbilt, last year no way were they beating the Lobos sans Brandyn Curry, and of course yesterday they beat Cincinatti. Not so much surprise but more of a what the heck from the Bearcats. What I did find out was that Brandyn Curry from Harvard, despite hailing from North Carolina is not related to Dell. Also found out that Matt Fraschilla, freshman for the Crimson was indeed the son of Big 12's favorite spokesman, Fran. But the family ties extend to Oklahoma Sooners basketball. James Fraschilla is a sophomore on the Oklahoma team. Not to my surprise, Oklahoma lost to North Dakota State. The Bison feature good match ups on the front line with good ball handling big men. If San Diego State plays the way they did last night, North Dakota State should win. I'm probably the biggest proponent of Mountain West hoops but they continue to underwhelm in the big dance. Why should I be surprised if the Lobos lose today?
       Dayton got the last laugh beating the Buckeyes by one point in an exciting game. Texas escaped the Sun Devils in a wild finish. Speaking of Texas. no fan of SMU but the Mustangs, St. John's, or any other team on the bubble probably would have given better effort than Colorado yesterday. Pittsburgh is damn good but the Buffs effort yesterday was abysmal, joke worthy of their 9 seed.  Saint Louis somehow escaped with the win over NC State. Majerus lives. Albany kept it damn close with Florida. Louisville played a very intense Manhattan squad but somehow managed to advance. My favorite moment this side of the Sim Bhullar was courtesy of American University senior center Tony Wroblicky. I was unaware of his one handed free throws. This leads me to Florida Gators commit Zach Hodskins. If you think Wroblicky was good one handed, Zach will be a walk on.

                              Well, it's about time a 16 seed beats a 1. Let's Go Weber State!

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