Friday, March 7, 2014

Atlantic Sun Championship Preview


       This years Atlantic Sun Championship game will be a rematch of last years title game between the Mercer Bears and the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles. However this years game will be played at the home of Americas Cinderella at Alico arena in Fort Myers Florida. Interesting to note that when modblog took off, it was with the Atlantic Sun Championship. FGCU became the first 15 seed to advance to the sweet 16 in the history of the NCAA tournament. Looking back at my blog about last years A-Sun championship I had the nerve to write that perhaps Sherwood Brown was too much of a showman. Very funny. Look where that took him and "Dunk City." Needless to say, the rest was history. Sunday afternoons game will be a highly anticipated rematch with a birth to the NCAA tournament. I've seen Mercer play twice this year and Florida Gulf Coast twice on television, one time in person. I have to question Mercer. Will they embrace the role of underdog? Will FGCU embrace the role of "Dunk City" in front of their home fans? For Mercer, a senior laden team struggled at home to finally beat the Spartans of SC Upstate last night, taking 2 overtime sessions. I'm not particularly fond of Mercer Coach Bob Hoffman. I don't agree with his whining and sideline antics. In the previous matchup with FGCU I observed his actions on the sidelines, which I think were a liability to the Mercer Bears. My opinion aside of Coach Hoffman, this game already has me pumped up. I remember last year's game and FGCU ripping it from Mercer on their home floor. That has to still be on the minds of the Mercer Bears. Although I wouldn't be surprised to Mercer win, I like FGCU. Why? Because I saw them play at SC Upstate. Chase Fieler was in foul trouble, he eventually fouled out but Dunk City found a way to win on the road. Also Brett Comer is a solid point guard  despite what you hear or read. I'll take him. Should be a great game, Sunday at 2pm.
       Speaking of sideline antics, Frank Martin of South Carolina has been suspended the final SEC game of the year for his swearing at players Tuesday night in the game against Florida. Despite not seeing it on TV, I was there and it really is eerie to see in person. Not that I disagree with what he says or does I'm frankly surprised it took him this long to get a suspension on the grounds for what he was suspended for. I remember listening to a radio broadcast of South Carolina in December and listening to Frank Martin question his players manhood in an equally profanity laced tirade. So, why all of a sudden now? Fishy.
       So Weber State locks up home court with the Big Sky and loses at Portland State last night. I will have a separate blog entry for Weber State. Cool, home court. Will you win the Big Sky tournament please?!?!?!
       Last night, with the Mercer game playing on the radio in the background and the Hawaii/UCSB game on TV, I saw Hawaii coach Gib Arnold get t'd up and a fan from the UCSB stands runs onto the floor and gets in Gibs face. At that moment, I thought, lunatic. But then I thought it was funny. God forbid right. Guilty. Thankfully nothing bad happened with the incident but as the game went to halftime here is what a very (visibly) pissed off Sean Farnham said, "he's lucky he wasn't at a football game. if i saw him i'd have speared him." Way to be Sean. Another unidentified babbling dolt goes, "who knows if this guy had a weapon, if he was under the influence of drugs. under the influence of alcohol"...this guy gives insight I never knew existed. What's more disturbing is the fake phony self righteous "outrage" these talking heads profess. Had to vent. It's as if people forget what happened when the crowd threw beer at Ron Artest.
       BTW the Mercer band playing "Together in the Sand" by NOFX. Read the lyrics. Now imagine if someone that did became offended and declared that song never to be played by bands. To be passive aggressive, we're not that far away. Still a good tune nonetheless and was the first I have heard. Rick Cameron, the play by play voice for the Mercer Bears is pretty good. A good listen indeed.
       Hey USC won it's 2nd Pac-12 conference game this year, 1st on the road defeating Washington State. The Trojans now improve to 11-19 on the year. Memphis hosts SMU at noon. Will Memphis play like they can? I hope so. I was a bit ticked off at the inept SMU crowd on Wednesday night. So Louisville is running clock at the end of the game, which is over 82-71 but some SMU player goes ahead and steals the ball. Fine. So, Louisville tracks the ball down after the SMU missed layup, pushes up floor for a dunk putting the Cards up 84-71 with 3 seconds left and the SMU crowd is booing. Wait a second, that's what happens when you steal the ball on a team that is running out the clock. Moody Tragic. And how about this: UConn sweeps Memphis, Memphis sweeps Louisville, Louisville sweeps SMU, and SMU sweeps UConn. The AAC circle of life. HA!

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