Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Christmas Time(not really)

It's not really Christmas time but the feeling of anxiety is lifted and we have games! We have games! All day and night! For two straight days! Amazing, truly the best sports "event" annually. And I heard from two seperate, very reliable sources that the NCAA is looking at eventually eliminating the ridiculous dome sites for the Final Four and moving the media, that is often too close to the floor, up to the mid-level to allow fans occupy those seats. I will say though, great ideas no doubt, we are at least ten years away from those changes. But good to hear nonethess. Another reason to love the tournament is the fact that you get great coverage(minus Bonnie Bernstein post championship game 2003). Yes WORLD, there is more to sports coverage than the insanity of ESPN. So glad that stupid in your face programming network is out of the picture for the greatest of all sports events. Also, no NBC sports. Win win. Looking forward for Nantz to move over but overall CBS does a fantastic job. Nothing to flashy, just basic, solid, coverage. Doing the job. Plus the pre and post game analysts on all the stations now are very good. Props to the production that CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV do. A bevy of information done very well. My favorite in game booth combo, Verne and Raft will once again be covering a regional final(not sure what region yet). Also marks the ten year anniversary of Mr. Dwyane Wade and his remarkable march with Marquette to the final four. In my opinion the most entertaining, special, and favorite college player of all time. What a run! Can't forget Novak and Diener but Wade willed that team. What a performance! (BTW, Miami Heat win again, imagine if Lebron had played in March for any college or university?) So people get ready for the best time of the year and enjoy the madness!!!

Rupp Arena

Butler/Bucknell- for all the people loving Bucknell, get back to me after the game. Let me know how that works out.

Marquette/Davidson- classic game for me in which I don't wanna see either team lose because I love both programs and coaches. Praying for the upset but going with the Warriors, oops, Golden Eagles.

Louisville/NC A&T- Don't let me down Cards.

Colorado State/Missouri- Maybe the most intriguing game today. Going with Rams, provided Iverson handles it down low. Either way, I think slugfest.

Birdman, Spanarkel and if you haven't seen Allie LaForce, tune in. She does a very good job. She played ball at Ohio U.

HP Pavilion

Saint Louis/New Mexico State- Check out the tallest player in D1, the Aggies own, Sim Buhller. 7ft 5. Cool. Saint Louis Basketball 2012-13, story of the year. Billikens Baby.

Oklahoma State/Oregon- Classic game of  "I can't stand both basketball programs". Truly don't care but gotta root for Cowboys, I mean the "fighting" ducks. When did this whole "fighitng" ducks thing develop? I must have missed that memo. Go back to graphic design in Eugene and keep producing cool uniforms.

UNLV/California- Just hoping, praying, wishing the Rebs play well this tournament. They have the talent and hope they get hot. Going with Vegas.

Syracuse/Montana- Umm...still pissed Weber State can't win the big game and no love lost if the Griz is down 25 at half. I expect Syracuse to act like Syracuse. Please!

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Michigan State/Valparaiso- Rooting for Valpo hard! If Michigan State doesn't get it done at home, come on.

Memphis/St.Mary's- Absolutley in love with Memphis. Similar to Arizona and Vegas, athletically. But no true PG. Rooting for Pastner's boys but will Delly let the Gaels go out silently? Interesting watch.

Michigam/South Dakota State- Rooting for Jackrabbits hard! If Michigan doesn't get it done at home, come on.

VCU/Akron- Trap game for VCU. Tester for Rams.

Verne and Raft calling these games and let me tell you, nothing better than this. Home games for Big Blue and Sparty. Valpo and Jackrabbits got the rest of America with them. GET AFTER IT VALPO and JACKRABBITS

Energy Solutions Arena(AKA The Dump)

Pittsburgh/Wichita State- Won't be shocked if Pitt loses.

Gonzaga/Southern- Let's get this straight. A few times I heard Gonzaga compared to Notre Dame football. Maybe this year, that's it. Notre Dame is so beyond Gonzaga Basketball. Notre Dame has national championships, etc. Stupid comparison. I'll say this, Zags fault or not, they are a No.1 seed. They haven't made the elite 8 in 16 years, oh really? Thanks for noticing mr. college basketball fan. I think this Zag squad is legit.

Arizona/Belmont- Another classic game where I love both programs, especially Belmont of late. If Arizona doesn't win, I'd be scratching my head. Rooting for Belmont but Arizona is so explosive.

New Mexico/Harvard- Hmm...Tough one. Will New Mexico cover? That's my question. No disrespect Harvard.

Spero and newly fond Gottlieb calling the games.

Enjoy the games! Have a great day.

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